Karl Barth on the Barmen Synod

Barth remembers his involvement in Barmen Synod, the complexity and contrasting views of involved parties, and his hopes for Barmen’s legacy.

Theological Beginnings: An Introduction to Evangelical Theology

​Audio file from the Theological Commons.

Karl Barth - Yes and No

Karl Barth reflects on his reception by his interlocutors and their dialogues about the dialectal nature of the Word of God as it comes to the world.

Karl Barth on the Confessing Church (Bekennende Kirche)

Barth recalls the theological and political conditions out of which the Confessing Church came together to protest and deconstruct the teachings of the German Christians and the political theology of National Socialism.

Karl Barth & the Epistle to the Romans

Karl Barth recalls the process of writing his commentary on the epistle to the Romans and his search for comrades in interpretation during the first years of the 1920s.

Karl Barth on the Church Struggle (Kirchenkampf)

Barth recalls the German Church Struggle against “the so-called revelation of history in Adolf Hitler” and the red theological thread that runs from the early dialectical theology of the 20s to his involvement in the German Church Struggle.