Karl Barth Society of North America

The Karl Barth Society of North America (KBSNA) was founded in October 1972 in Toronto by a group of Canadian and American scholars of Karl Barth, inspired by his son Markus Barth. Its purpose is to encourage a critical and constructive theology in continuity with the work of Karl Barth, which it aims to achieve through the following:

The provision of whatever assistance is possible to the Karl Barth Foundation of Switzerland, especially in its purpose “to collect and preserve the entire writings of Karl Barth and literature about him, including letters, and to prepare and publish a complete edition of the writings of Karl Barth”.

  • The establishment on the North American continent of a collection as complete as possible of Karl Barth’s writings and works about Karl Barth in order to facilitate research projects.
  • The organization of various types of conferences to explore the resources of Karl Barth’s work for theology.

Membership to the society is open to all interested parties; scholars, students, pastors or laypersons. Members receive a Karl Barth Society Newsletter twice a year.