Legacy Management

In his will of 1968, Karl Barth directed that his entire literary estate (manuscripts, memoranda, correspondence, books, articles, etc.) not be sold off, but be placed in the care of a Legacy Commission, whose composition he set out in his will and whose membership has been renewed through elections ever since. The Legacy Commission collaborates closely with the Karl Barth Foundation as the publisher of the Collected Edition and as the entity responsible for the maintenance of the Karl Barth-Archiv.

The Karl Barth Legacy Commission is composed of Barth’s descendants and scholars of Barth’s work.

Current Members:

Dr. Daniel Barth, Basel
Frau Shabnam Barth, Basel
Pfr. Dr. Niklaus Peter, Zürich
Pfr. Dr. Georg Vischer, Basel
Pfr. Dieter Zellweger, Oberwil

The Reverends Dr. Peter and Mr. Zellweger are also members of the steering committee of the Karl Barth Foundation; they ensure the coordination of both associations.