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Announcing the 2019 Karl Barth Society of North America Call for Papers

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the publication of Barth’s The Epistle to the Romans, the Karl Barth Society of North America is holding a multi-year series of sessions dedicated to this book and its legacy.

For the 2019 meeting, the Barth Society welcomes proposals related to Barth’s discussion of Romans 5-8 in the first or second edition of The Epistle to the Romans. Proposed papers could:

  • offer critical reflection upon Barth’s remarks about the text of Romans 5-8 in volume
  • examine Barth’s commentary on Romans 5-8 in The Epistle to the Romans in light of Barth’s later writings;
  • consider Barth’s claims about Romans 5-8 in light of contemporary biblical; and/or
  • bring Barth’s discussion of Romans 5-8 into conversation with the insights of other theologians.

Proposals on related topics also will be considered. Proposals can be submitted through the PAPERS system on the American Academy of Religion website: