Devin Singh | Siting the Body Politic: Barth and the Ascension

This lecture was recorded on June 19, 2023, as part of the 2023 Barth Conference “Barth & the Political.” This lecture features Devin Singh with respondent Andrea C. White and moderated by Paul Dafydd Jones. Find out more about the conference here: ⁠

Opening Panel Discussion | Barth Conference 2023: Barth & the Political

This opening panel discussion was recorded on June 18, 2023 at the 2023 Barth Conference titled “Barth & the Political.” Featuring J. Kameron Carter, Catherine Keller, Brandy Daniels, Andrea C. White, and Rothney S. Tshaka and moderated by Hanna Reichel of Princeton Theological Seminary. View the event details at